Color: Navy


Like a mermaid gracefully traversing the ocean waves on a moonlit night.

COMPOSITION Base: SILK 100% Ruffle: NYLON 100% String: POLYESTER 100%
SIZE Round: 160cm Width: 29cm
COUNTRY Made in Japan

These products are sampled. May differ from actual product color.


● Fabric may naturally change over time.
● Do not wash with water. The texture will change.
● Colors may run when in contact with water or rain.
● Colors may fade and fabric may diminish around the ribbon used for adjusting garment.
● If the product is designed to catch easily, be careful not to damage the product due to catching.
● If the design has a cut-off part, it may become frayed after repeated wearing and washing. If fraying occurs, cut carefully with scissors without pulling.

Care Instruction

●Dry clean only.
●Disfiguration may occur if excessively dry cleaned.
● Stains from makeup foundation may be removed with an eraser.
● Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity.