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pop up dress creator Eri Iwase's thoughts


Degas's little dancer

Every time I saw Degas's "The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer'' statue at Orsay, Boston, or the Metropolitan, my heart tightened and I felt as if I had forgotten something.
Although she is bronze, she is wearing a tutu, and her costume set is colored in a faint milky white color. The braid is loosely tied with a satin ribbon. There are a few horizontal wrinkles from the tights on her toned legs, typical of a young girl. Between lessons, she is dreaming.

Let's dream!
It's generous, light, and soft, and the feeling of being wrapped up and dreaming is an eternal longing!
Eternal dress!

And it's a pop up dress.
Simple shape, just the right size.
Lots of cute details!
You can dress as you like.
Be yourself with a pop up dress.