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Pop up dresses are a testament to Japanese manufacturing.
It is made with the eyes and hands of craftsmen.



Silk taffeta is a type of dyeing that involves dyeing the threads before weaving. Since the degree of dyeing varies depending on the temperature and humidity of the day, the color is reproduced based on the years of experience of the craftsmen.
Organdy is dyed using ``post-dying'', which is the process of dyeing the fabric after it is woven.



A skein is a single piece of thread, several hundred to 10,000 meters long, tied together into a donut shape.
Before dyeing, the process of rewinding the bobbin onto the skein is carried out. Once dyed, the skein is returned to its wound state on the bobbin.
Make a rattling rhythmic sound and slowly wind it.



This is the process of arranging and winding threads according to a predetermined number, density, and length.
One bobbin becomes one warp thread, so for taffeta fabric, which requires about 9000 warp threads, you will need about 9000 bobbins.



Replace the previous warp set on the loom with a new one. There are approximately 9,000 warp threads, all of which are tied one by one by hand.



After going through the steps so far, you can finally start weaving. The weft threads are woven into the warp threads set on the loom.
Using old looms that have undergone repeated maintenance, the craftsmen slowly weave the fabric with their eyes and hands, incorporating air to create fabric with a unique texture.



We will perform finishing touches such as smoothing out wrinkles and adjusting the width.
Using a large machine similar to a train car, many craftsmen work together to carefully finish the fabric.



Most of the pop up dress products are long straight cuts. If the straight line is distorted, it will affect the sewing, so straight work that cannot be fooled is required.
I also try to use up all the dough to avoid wasting it.



Our craftsmen carefully sew long straight stitches one by one, making sure there are no meandering or misaligned stitches, and the finished product is finished. According to the craftsman, "There is nothing more difficult than long straight stitches."
The pop up dress may look simple and easy at first glance, but the long straight stitches reveal the craftsmanship and dignity of the craftsman.