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A Simple Loop, Countless Styles

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popupdress is functional everyday elegance to accompany your outfit, casual or formal.

The shape changes when the ribbon is squeezed. A scarf, hat, bolero, a decorative accessory, popupdress can be made into a multitude of different styles for the look you’re looking for.
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[AIRY FLOWER -Black-] popupdress Japan|ポップアップドレス[AIRY FLOWER -Smoke-] popupdress Japan|ポップアップドレス


[MARGUERITE] -Check- popupdress Japan|ポップアップドレス[MARGUERITE] -Check- popupdress Japan|ポップアップドレス


[MERMAID] -Navy- popupdress Japan|ポップアップドレス[MERMAID] -Navy- popupdress Japan|ポップアップドレス



How to Wear

PLAY!! popupdress

This page introduces various ways to wear popupdress.

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Made in Japan

Made by the finest artisans in Japan

popupdress is made from the world's finest [tafta] silk woven by some of the world’s finest artisans. The craftsmanship invested in each process is what allows the versatility in the looks you can create with popupdress.

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A variety of ways people can wear it. People smile when they wear beautiful things.
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