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Silk Jewelry

Silk has a beautiful luster and smoothness, and is a natural fiber that has been loved since ancient times.
Just like using a high-quality lacquered tea bowl on a daily basis, it is a material that brings richness to your daily life just by wearing it.
The pop up dress was created by inserting scissors into the silk material as if making a paper cut, stepping on a sewing machine as if playing with clay, and adding decorations like toppings on a cake.

High-quality materials are intentionally used roughly every day. It's a luxurious yet playful look.



In Japan, there is a traditional clothing called ``Kimono''. Although the kimono has an image of being beautiful and luxurious, it is a practical garment that can be worn by people of all body types.
Kimonos carefully made by craftsmen can be passed down from generation to generation, and the straight-line cutting method, which eliminates waste, is also environmentally friendly.

Is it possible to revive the traditional value of the kimono as a new garment for modern life?
Our products are concise and environmentally friendly, creating luxurious yet practical clothing that anyone can wear for a long time in a way that suits them. That is the new form of clothing that pop up dress aims to create.


+1 → +∞

+1 can become +2 or +10... an accessory that expands the possibilities. You can wear it however you like with a scarf, stole, bolero, vest, or hat. You can transform it by gathering it together. Accessories that allow you to express your individuality.



Dress up anytime, anywhere with pop up dress

When folded, it is small enough to fit in your pocket or bag.
Just take it out of your bag on the way home from work, squeeze the ribbon, and easily dress it up!
There's no need to bring a lot of clothes with you when you travel. Just by changing the way you wear a pop up dress, you can transform a single piece of clothing into many different ways.


Anyone can wear it freely

Pop up dresses do not have sizes such as S, M, or L, or silhouettes such as A-line or I-line. Because it is simple and free-form, you can enjoy an outfit that suits you regardless of your age, gender, or body type.


Made in Japan

The silk taffeta fabric, which has 9,000 warp threads, is woven in the Tohoku region from silk threads dyed in Kyoto. Craftsmen place each thread on the loom and carefully weave it while keeping an eye on it. The woven fabric is transported from the Tohoku region to the Kanto region, where it is carefully cut and sewn into finished products.