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popupdress is the culmination of my work as a designer.

My name is Eri Iwase. I have worked as a fashion designer for several years for brands such as Issey Miyake and ZUCCa.

Being Japanese, I have always found inspiration in the kimono.

The kimono can be a luxury item but is actually designed for comfort, to fit everyone, regardless of body type. The craftsmanship that goes into the kimono allows them to be passed on from one generation to the next. They are ecologically made with little-to-no waste fabric.

I wanted to create something that is founded on these authentic traditional Japanese values. A new kimono, if you like.

popupdress is my expression of a new style of garment for the 21st century unconstrained by the past, except for the principles that I value in the kimono.

popupdress is made with the finest silk, dyed then carefully woven by the same craftsmen, who produce fabric for the world's leading luxury brands.

To realise my vision, I’ve sought to work with the best people I can find. From the creation of the fabric to sewing, each popupdress is made by the world-leading artisans in Japan. I have confidence in saying that they are among the world's best.

My hope is that popupdress allows you - the wearer - to be more yourself, expressing your individuality and creativity, accompanying you on your adventures for many years to come.

Eri Iwase

Founder, Popupdress