astaire (brown / navy)


Inspired by the dynamic coattails of legendary dancer Fred Astaire.

Series: atelier
The atelier series calls to mind the playfulness of arts and crafts. With the brand’s signature use of high quality, pre-dyed silk taffeta, each piece can be molded like Japanese paper into the shape of your liking.


> Play popupdress ( How to wear popupdress )






Base: SILK 100%
String: POLYESTER 100%



Round: 160cm
Width: 25cm


● Fabric may naturally change over time.
● Water or rain may cause stains.
● Dry clean only — do not wash with water.
● Colors may fade and fabric may diminish around the ribbon used for adjusting garment.
● Excess pressure on slit may cause the seam to burst.


Care Instruction

●Dry clean only.
●Disfiguration may occur if excessively dry cleaned.
● Stains from makeup foundation may be removed with an eraser.
● Store away from direct sunlight, high temperatures and high humidity.